We take care of all the details.

Individual signs require specific attention. We do all the work maneuvering through the paperwork and municipalities to obtain the required permits for a proper installation. Once a design is approved by the customer (and the landlord) we can submit for municipality permits. SignTek has a dedicated and experienced permit manager that handles all permit application submittals, including follow ups, and the final inspection. We typically tell clients to expect at least 10 business days for permits, but please prepare in advance as they have been known to take longer. Permits are required before the sign is manufactured.

Although cities or towns have different requirements for permit applications, we typically submit the following:

  • Sign Application

  • Set of drawings showing the construction materials and building elevation with sign placement

  • Diagram of installation method

  • A site plan showing the location of signs

  • Landlord Approval

  • Engineering (if applicable)